How to prepare for DP-100 -Azure Cloud- Designing and Implementing a Data Science Solution on Azure


Little bit of my experience- I work as a Data Engineer at Cognizant. I have completed AZ-900, AI-900, DP-900 and recently DP-100. I’m the winner of Azure Developer Stories 2021 and have participated in Azure Developer League: Hackathon (Prototype Phase) and many more….

To be honest, If you just go through the question available online you would pretty much pass the exam but without any knowledge on what you are certified as. I strongly insist you to learn how the cloud works and different aspects and moving parts of cloud before taking up any of the fundamental level certification.

I started Azure first in 2019 with Microsoft Event (Microsoft Week of AI 2.0), It was my first encounter with Azure with live demos and people discussing about this cloud computing and stuff which I wasn’t aware back then… to be continued in my next post. Back to DP-100

The more you have worked on Azure Machine Learning it’s more easier to crack the DP-100 exam. Since questions would concentrate more on the coding aspect and how you use the Azure Machine Learning to clean, train and deploy a model.

Preparation Steps:

  1. Complete all modules from Microsoft Learn
  2. Practice with the Azure ML Designer
  3. Have knowledge on Cleaning and processing Data
  4. Have some basic knowledge on model deployment

Complete these four learning paths


Once you have done all the above then you can start with questions from DP-100 Exam — Free Actual Q&As, Page 1 | ExamTopics .( you will have only 150 questions for free, it is enough at least for me)

Most of the answers are incorrect, please check the discussions for the right ones.

Feel free to add comment or ask a question in the comment.

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